Nutritional care to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke

May 24, 2019

In this hot humid temperatures, one of the common side- effects of this increase in temperature is heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are heat-related illnesses that occur to prolonged dehydration. If untreated can have detrimental effects. Hence,  it is essential to consume foods that help you restore the fluid status and avoid dehydration.

Here are a few foods that might help you!

It comprises of 95 % water and perfect for those aiming a few inches loss in this summer. It keeps the digestive system well hydrated and it is the skin that is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant that protects your body from damaging radicals. One can have it in the form of a salad with other vegetables, in a soup or in a juice form.

2 )Watermelon

Now with so hot temperature, we all get a feeling to have something sweet and juicy and what would be better than watermelon?
Watermelon primarily stimulates the release of excess perspiration and so heat stroke will not be in your radar. So, grab a slice of watermelon to beat the heat.


I am sure most of us don’t know what pomegranate actually means. It is derived from the French word which means seeded apple. These are not only loaded with water which helps you to combat heat but also they contain anti oxidants that protect your body from environmental toxins.

4) Basil Seeds

We have always heard about basil leaves being the real key ingredient for pesto but do you know it seeds are equally important especially during summer?

The seeds have a special cooling effect on the body and hence, recommended especially post exercise and during humid temperatures. One can take in water in the form of a cooler or add in smoothies.


5 Mint

Have you noticed that you crave for mint in the form of ice creams or cooler during summer? The reason for this is mint contains a compound that is knowns to induce a feeling that the food is cold. Isn’t it amazing? So, don’t just always opt for cold foodstuffs you can also go ahead with mint tea to beat the summer.


Dehydration causes a decrease in sodium and potassium levels. Kiwi is known to have a good source of both of these nutrients and therefore maintains the electrolyte balance. You can take it in the form of whole fruit or along with a banana to have a  bowl of food rich in potassium.


Do you celery has 96% water?  2-3 sticks of celery are enough to the realm all the vital nutrients necessary to maintain the electrolyte balance. One can just toss it with a  tablespoon of oil and relish it.


Maintaining your hydration status by drinking fluids may not always be suitable for a person. Hence,  one can keep with the levels by eating a medium sized-pear.


Salmon provides  omega-3 fatty acids which assist your hypothalamus, i.e a part of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature, hunger and thirst. In an event of heat exhaustion, the hypothalamus function goes for a toss due to the body’s inability to release heat through perspiration. Hence, if the hypothalamus is functioning strong one can reduce the severity of the episode.



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Harsheen Chaudhary

Hi, I am Dietitian Harsheen. I have completed my Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. I am also a certified diabetes educator. Blogging is my passion and I love to share my piece of kno

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