How to Apply Eyeshadow to Hooded Eyes

May 22, 2019

Eye makeup is a huge part of the whole makeup game. Big and beautiful eyes with precisely defined makeup can make you look really gorgeous but there are different shapes of eyes and we need different eye makeup techniques for all of them. Today we are going to learn how to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes. I can completely understand that hooded eyes require little more effort and attention but with these tips and tricks, you will learn the best techniques and hacks to beautifully apply the eyeshadow for hooded eyes. Well, the prettiest celebs like Taylor, Blake, Alia etc have this eye shape and they flaunt it with so much of confidence. There are certain do’s and don’ts that are very important when doing the eye makeup for hooded eyes.

How to figure out if you have a hooded eye:

how to apply eyeshadow

The best way to find out is to take a picture without any filter in the natural light. Keep your eyes in resting position and look straight and see if where your crease is and where it ends. There will be excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line. The awareness is really important because once you figure out your right eye shape, you will be able to do your eye makeup more confidently and nicely.

Let’s come back to our main topic: How to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes:

I am going to discuss the basics and the important do’s and don’ts of applying eyeshadow for hooded eyes. Let’s get started:

  • Apply a pretty champagne shade in the inner corner of your eyes and across your lid, blending it upwards towards your brow bone. Apply gently and very little amount on the inner corners to bring the illusion of light. Apply some on our lower lashline as well (very little) Don’t forget to coat your eyelashes with a lengthening mascara to complete this look. This tip works great when you want to look more awake and wide eyes.
  • If you want to apply the liner, apply the liner on the upper lid, a bit higher than you do otherwise. Don’t forget to powder your lids. Hold the lid for a few seconds longer to allow the liner to dry.
  • Smokey eyes are a little tricky for everyone. Since you don’t have a natural crease, you will need to apply it slightly above the lid to create the illusion of a crease. You can use fake lashes that look close to natural to open up your eyes. You can take a medium toned brown shade. Open your eyes and look straight and see if the eyeshadow is visible. Blend it towards your brow bone. Rim your water line and upper lash line with a dark gry liner and use the same champagne eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of the eyes to avoid them to look close. It gives a beautiful definition to your eyes and giving a natural crease that looks real and precise.
  • The best part about having hooded eyes is that you can use a shimmery shadow because the gleaming eyeshadow helps in creating the illusion of light where you see the darkness. For a perfect natural daytime makeup, you can apply a thin eyeliner across the upper lash line, keeping it thick towards the outer corner, along with it to create a minimalistic approach. You can apply the eyeshadow shade Vanilla sugar, just blend it across the lid. Use a tiny bit on the inner corners for the highlighting effect. Add little below the brow to instantly lift your eye.
  • If you want a vibrant look, you can use a silver navy, bronze shade, plum, warm brown etc . Take any colored shadow of your choice and with the help of a clean blending brush, blend it across your lids. Hooded eyes don;t have much lid space so the trick is to blend the shadow along your lower lashes and make the most of it. Apply a very thickening mascara to complete the look.
  • If you want to achieve the cat eye look, you can create a wing on the upper line and apply a thin liner on the lower lash line as well. Keep the liner thinner towards the inner corner. Connect the upper wing to the lower lash liner. Line your waterlines as well. Add a shade of more champagne or any highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them up.
  • To achieve the sexy and youthful look and to brighten the sloppy eyes, it is important to bring the height to that area. Take a cream shadow and blend into the inner corner of the eyes. Apply it on the lower lash line as well. Now line your upper lash line. Apply falsies or you can also apply thickening mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
  • You can also take a light brown shade and blend it across your lid and along the lower lash line. Oen your eyes wide and blend the same color into your socket to create a beautiful smokey effect. Don’t forget to highlight the inner corner of your eye with a nude highlighter and you can also apply a black liner on the top of your upper lash line. Apply mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes to finish the look.

Well when I was giving you the tips, did you notice the one thing I focused on the most? I specially mentioned everywhere to highlight the inner corner of the eyes for an instant bright effect. To make your eyes look bigger, it really works. You can also line the waterline area with the help of deep grey eyeliner to open up the eyes. Whether you want a natural daytime look or a dramatic eye makeup, you can have it all. You don’t have any limitations. You just need a different technique to enhance the beauty of your eye-shape.

eyeshadow for hooded eyes

Now let’s talk about another important aspect. Do’s and donts of applying eyeshadow for hooded eyes.


  • Tightline your upper lash line with dark grey pencil eyeliner. It will give an illusion of bigger eyes and will give definition to your eyes.
  • Look straight in the mirror and make sure to check if your eyeshadow is visible or not.
  • Apply a nude highlighter under your brow bone. Not too much. Just a little dab.
  • Apply a thin eyeliner on your upper lashline and keeping it thick towards the outer corner.
  • Choose falsies or fake eyelashes that are more natural and should not look over dramatic. You can buy individual eyelashes.
  • Curl your eyelashes and then apply the mascara for the lengthening of lashes. Don’t forget to buy a good quality mascara.
  • Don’t forget to take care of the brows. You need to keep them in their natural shape otherwise you can end up looking weird and artificial.
  • Always blend and angle the eyeshadow straight out or upward at the outer sides to lift up the look.
  • Blend well. Blending is the key!
  • Women with hooded eyes face the smudging of makeup the most. Invest in a good eye primer. It is a must have to make your eyeshadow stay on your eyes for long.
  • Apply eyeshadow with your eyes opened because it’s difficult to find out the crease.
  • Stick with more matte shades.
  • Invest in a waterproof mascara.
  • Apply the eyeshadow with little pressure and very gently.
  • Do try a silver smokey eye makeup look. It looks beautiful on the hooded eyes.
  • Choose warmer tones like copper hues.
  • Buy a flawless and natural base because if your base is not good enough, no matter how much efforts you put in your eye makeup, it would be incomplete.
  • Don’t forget to put that beautiful smile always. Makeup is always incomplete without a lovely smile.
  • Take a proper good night sleep and take care of your diet and nutrition.

Don’t s:

  • Understand not every eye look is meant for your eye shape. You need to be little careful with the wing. Never force a wing, leave it, if it’s not working.
  • Don’t apply eyeshadow only on mobile lids.
  • Apply a white eyeshadow or a plain highlighter. Don’t do that. It can make your eyes look flat.
  • Don’t apply a thick eyeliner.
  • Don’t wear the artificial eyelashes or the one that looks really bad and unnatural.
  • Never skip the mascara. It can really make all the difference.
  • Don’t forget to blend the eyeshadow upwards to avoid the droopy looking eyes.
  • Don’t experiment with the shape of the brows. Keep it natural.

This was all on how to apply eyeshadow to hooded eyes.

I have seen women with hooded eyes going low and helpless about their eyeshade. Well, honestly I find this eye shape really unique and beautiful. You can not have everything perfect but trust me if you know the right makeup skills, you can look more than perfect and even better than women with perfect eye shapes. You just need to know how to play with the eye shape and what looks the best on you.

All the best and keep trying something new and don’t forget to share your favorite look and your experience with the hooded eyes.

Shefali Tuteja

Hi there! I am an aspiring beauty and lifestyle blogger. I have been blogging for few years now. My sole purpose is to motivate every woman out there because I feel you all are beautiful in your own

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