Coolant Foods

May 21, 2019

Worried about the unstoppable heat with the rise in mercury level??  We can’t ignore how the scorching sun is draining us completely. As the summer season approaches, it brings with it fear of being dehydrated and experiencing low energy, due to the increasing temperature thus , it is important for everyone to take extra care during this hot season.

We can enjoy this season too. Just by making certain lifestyle changes as well as including food which is right for us. There are many foods which have cooling effects on our body and has to be included in our daily diet to beat the hazardous impact of summer.


1-WATERMELON- Nature has given us so many fruits, which are only produced when needed. Watermelon is a summer fruit as it comes in summer due to its so many qualities like it contains 91.45% water .It fulfills body’s water requirement ,not only this ,it has a wonderful cooling effect on body and is loaded with antioxidant properties.


2-CUCUMBER- Cucumber contains fiber which helps in keeping constipation at bay. Cucumber contain high amount of water content. Not only this eating cucumber juice or as a salad can also help in curing acidity too as it as cooling effect on stomach and helps to stay cool during this hot weather.


3-CURD-Curd is not only delicious and nutritious but is also known to give cooling effect to the body. There are so many ways by which we can have curd in our diet .curd can be used to make buttermilk which is easy to digest, or sweet lassi. Curd can be used as raita and can be eaten with food .one more variant of curd is to make lip smacking smoothies out of curd by adding seasonal fruits to it. These smoothies are not only tastier but also have a very cool effect.

4-COCONUT WATER- Coconut water is loaded with the goodness of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore it is one of the best summer drink .coconut water is easily available at all fruit shops , coconut water has cooling properties to fight against hot weather.


5-MINT- Mint has a refreshing effect and helps to keep our body temperature cool. Mint is an inexpensive herb which is easily available with all vegetable vendors. Mint can also be used in various ways like it can be added in curd to make mint raita , or chaach , which  can give you addition al benefits too. Mint chutney is also very common in almost all Indian houses .some people also uses it to make aam panna which is very cooling and refreshing in hot summers.


6-GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES- Green leafy vegetables are available throughout the year. Thy contain high amount of water content  as well as other nutrients too.So one should add them to their daily diet for added benefits. One thing should be remembered while cooking green leafy vegetables that it should not be overcooked as it can lead to loss of water soluble vitamins as well as water content.


7-ONIONS- Surprised??  Yes onions too have cooling properties. You can eat them raw or mix it with lemon and salt and prepare salads. Onions can be added to vegetables, raita and curries. Adding onions to your daily diet during summer season also helps in protecting against sunstroke. Onions also contain natural anti allergen called quercetin, specially the red onions. So don’t forget to add it to your daily diet to fight against this hot weather.


8-MELON- Melons also helps us to stay hydrated during this hot weather as it is loaded with high water content so it is wise to add these watery fruits to your daily diet as they gives us refreshing and cooling effect.


9-LIME WATER-Lime water is again a summer cool drink which is generally referred to as “ nimbu pani”. Lime water has very refreshing and alkaline effect on our body. There are many health benefits in one glass of lime water. Variants of lime are sweet lime water, salted lime water , one can also add a pinch of cumin powder to lime water to enhance its flavor , so if you want to be chilled and refreshed this summers , try having lime water in whatever way you like .



Shilpa Agarwal

I am Dt. Shilpa Agarwal, done masters in food and nutrition ,presently working as a nutrition consultant in Agra ,U.P . I love to write and share my knowledge about food and nutrition . Eat healthy b

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