May 27, 2019

Just by hearing the name of mangoes, everybody’s mouth start watering as mangoes is everyone’s favorite fruit because of its juicy property. There are so many ways by which mangoes can be eaten, from drinks to appetizers and main course to desserts, mangoes work excellently in every recipe.

Mangoes not only taste good but is also nutritionally rich fruit let me first summarize the benefits of mangoes so that the love for mangoes will increase manifold.

Mango is a fruit which not only is low in calories but high in fiber and is a great source of vitamins like vitamin A and C. Mangoes also contain iron, calcium, zinc, folate, B-6 and vitamin E. Antioxidants like mangiferin and gallotannins which are known for their health benefits are also present in mangoes possess many health benefits like-

  • Mangoes are good for digestion
  • Mangoes play a role in preventing obesity
  • Mangoes possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • Mangoes helps to maintain healthy skin and hair
  • Mangoes are good for the heart as well

So mangoes are not only sweet, delicious or a perfect snack but are also a store house of nutrients. Before eating a mango one should be aware of the many ways to eat it and enjoy it.

Some of the best ways to eat mangoes are-

1-Mango Smoothie– Mango smoothie is an ultimate thirst quencher and one of the best summertime recipes. In order to make this we need one cup chopped ripe mango, half cup ice, half cup low fat milk, one fourth cup low fat yoghurt, one tablespoon honey. Place all the ingredients like mango, milk, yoghurt, ice and honey in a blender, and blend all together until smooth and frothy.

This mango smoothie is very creamy and can be used as an after dinner dessert alternative.

2-Sliced Mango– Mangoes can be sliced and can be had in breakfast which will add a dose of vitamin C and fiber to your breakfast like oatmeal, cereal and pancakes.

3-Mango Salsa- Mango salsa is a good combination of mango with the burst of heat from jalapenos. It can be had on a piece of toast and with a poached egg too.

4-Mango Dessert– Mango goes well with every meal and makes a great base for dessert too. From tarts to frozen yoghurt and many other sweets, there are many ways to include mango. Some examples of mango dessert are mango kulfi , mango kesari

5- Mango Slaw– Mango slaw is also a nice variation made with mango. For this you need to have one green cabbage, finely shredded, one ripe mango, diced. Three table spoon basil or cilantro, finely chopped, one tablespoon any light coloured vinegar, and half teaspoon salt. Now add all ingredients in a large bowl and gently toss to combine.

6- Frozen Treat– Sliced mangoes and orange juice can be blended together, then they can be freeze in ice trays and enjoyed. This can be very cool treat on a hot day.

7- Puree and Drizzle- This way of eating mango is a new healthy and nutritious alternative to please your sweet tooth. Mango is pureed first and then drizzled over a low fat vanilla ice cream which then can be topped with raspberries or cherries.

8- Mango Tea– Ice tea can be flavored with sliced and freeze mangoes to add a decorative touch to your plain ice tea9- Pancakes– Mango can be mixed into any pancake batter to give a new taste to your usual plain batter.

10- Aam Panna (Raw Mango Drink)– aam panna is made using raw mangoes, fresh mint, sugar, salt, and roasted cumin powder. This is a very refreshing drink in summer and can be easily made at home. This involves choosing the raw mangoes and then boiling them with skin. After boiling them, blend all the ingredients mentioned above in a blender. Now strain the panna and refrigerate it to enjoy it


Shilpa Agarwal

I am Dt. Shilpa Agarwal, done masters in food and nutrition ,presently working as a nutrition consultant in Agra ,U.P . I love to write and share my knowledge about food and nutrition . Eat healthy b

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